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Welcome to Mulberry Barns, Arkesden

An exquisite upcoming development nestled in the charming village of Arkesden, near Saffron Walden.

Here at Amherst Homes, we are proud to introduce a harmonious blend of modern living and the timeless charm of the historic English countryside.

Arkesden is a picturesque village steeped in history, with its roots reaching back to medieval times. The name Arkesden is thought to have Saxon origins, derived from the Old English words “eorcen” meaning “plough” and “denu” meaning “valley”, encapsulating the rich argricultural heritage of the region. As you explore the village, you’ll be captivated by its rustic charm, quaint cottages, and the peaceful ambiance that defines Arkesden.

A fascinating part of the area’s history involves the renowed English king, James I, who played an unintentional role in shaping the landscape of our area. In the early 17th century, King James I, with a keen interest in silk production, mistakenly imported the wrong variety of mulberry trees to England. Despite the mix-up, the trees found a home in the local soil, adding a touch of unexpected botanical diversity to the region.

Mulberry Barns pays homage to this historical legacy, incorporating modern luxury into a setting where the echoes of the past linger in every stone and tree. Our development aims to seamlessly integrate contemporary living with the timeless appeal of Arkesden, offering residents the best of both worlds.

As you consider making Mulberry Barns your home, envision a lifestyle that combines the tranquility of village living with the convenience of modern amenities. We invite you to embrace the charm of Mulberry Barns – a place where history, nature, and community converge to create a truly exceptional living experience.