Provenance Close

Little Hallingbury

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Provenance Close, Little Hallingbury



Where history meets contemporary living in a unique blend of charm and comfort. This collaboration with Chelmer Housing Partnership (CHP) delivers an opportunity to own or rent a home that embodies both character and modernity in the picturesque Great Hallingbury. With 15 meticulously crafted premium homes being delivered to our partner, Chelmer Housing.

Our journey with CHP began with the vision of creating homes that seamlessly integrate affordability, elegance and comfort.

Our initial exploratory trial trenching produced signs that something archaeologically significant may be hiding beneath, transforming Provenance Close into more than just a residential project.

The site unfolded its secrets during the November 2022 archaeological evaluation and is now recorded on the Essex Historic Environment Record. It revealed the remains of a kiln. Subsequent excavation on February 2023 uncovered a lime kiln, a tile kiln, and three additional structures or workshops, all dating back to the mid 15th, 16th and 17th century.

Imagine owning a home with a rich historical backdrop – a place where both a lime kiln and a tile kiln once stood. Both kilns produced crafted peg-tiles, telling a story of our past. The workshops, with their tile-lined chambers and structures built over centuries-old foundations, add an extra layer of uniqueness to your new home.

With homes ready for occupation after April 2024, these homes not only promise contemporary comfort but also offers a timeless connection to the vibrant history beneath your feet. Embrace the past and the future at Provenance Close, where your home tells a story as unique as your own.